focus on foundations

Focus on Foundations

Through our Focus on Foundations classes, students learn the key standards in math, reading and writing needed to build a strong foundation that leads to long-term academic success. Classes are divided into 4 levels each representing a different ability level and key focus. Students take an entrance diagnostic to place them into the correct class for their current skill level. As students progress, they can test up at any point.

By focusing on foundational skills, students spend time mastering the most vital skills in each subject. This ensures that students can catch-up more quickly and understand what’s being taught in their regular classes. For students who are already at grade-level, students can quickly advance well beyond their grade level.

This program is the best choice if your child needs to catch-up from learning gaps from the past year of online learning, or wants to get ahead.

Key Benefits

Grades K-6

Small classes of 6-10 students

In-depth learning at a lower cost

Leveled instruction based on ability rather than age

Students progress through levels at their own pace

Lessons help students master foundational knowledge so they can better succeed in class

“Created to fill in gaps from online and hybrid learning”

Reading. Writing. Mathematics.

These are the foundations of a strong education. Due to distance education, many students are missing vital learning in these key areas. Through our Focus on Foundations classes, students will learn and review the key standards they need to build a strong foundation that leads to long-term academic success.

Our classes allow students to grow at their own pace, students can move through the courses as quickly or as slowly as they need. Some students may fly though the levels, while others may camp in a level for a long time to really master a skill!

-Karyn Keene (RSG Director)

Math Foundations

Math courses cover both math concepts and math applications. In conceptual classes, students master the overarching number sense upon which all math is built. In application classes, students learn critical thinking and problem solving as they apply key concepts to mathematical applications and word problems.

Reading Foundations

Reading courses will begin with targeted lessons on specific comprehension skills using short fiction and non-fiction passages. The alternating class are spent reading real books together, as students learn to apply their comprehension skills to literature.

Writing Foundations

Writing courses include both grammar and composition. The grammatical portion focuses on learning the logic and structure of the English language, while the composition portion teaches students to express their own ideas and thoughts with clarity and style.

Is Focus on Foundations the right choice?

Focus on Foundations is the best choice for students who are behind due to learning gaps from COVID-19, as it helps them catch-up quickly on the core skills needed for classroom success.

The program also works well for students looking to advance in math, reading and writing.

Let’s Start Learning!

We’re ready to help with homework, support students to catch up, and guide them as they advance.  As you prepare to embark on another year of learning, let Ready Study Go be in your corner.

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