In-Person Academies

Stay at school, after school

We operate on campus at local elementary schools to keep things simple and safe. Your kids simply walk over to our classrooms when school gets out, never leaving the safety of their school campus. We run until 5:30pm, so working parents can easily swing by and pick up their children after getting off work.


For September, Ready Study Go will be back on-site at two local elementary schools for our K-6 students and continuing to operate at The Well for our 7-12 students!

Cerritos Elementary (K-6)

13600 183rd St, Cerritos, CA 90703

Elliott Elementary School (K-6)

18415 Cortner Ave,  Artesia, CA 90701

The Well (7-12)

18325 Horst Ave, Artesia, CA 90701

In-Person Benefits

Located at or near local schools

Educational afterschool care

Open until 5:30p so parents can pick-up children after work

Students learn and socialize together

In-person learning is more effective for most students


In-Person Programs

Our in-person academy is open to students K-12. We offer the following programs:


Homework Assistance (K-12)


Subject Tutoring (K-12)


Focus on Foundations (K-6)

elementary locations only


Socratic Honors Academy (6-12)

The Well only

In-person Academy Schedule

Cerritos & Elliott Elementary

Elementary Schedule

our program is split into 2 tutoring sessions and 1 break, we provide supervision after the release bell and before session 1 begins.

Programs Offered: We offer Homework Assistance, Subject Tutoring, and Focus on Foundations during both sessions. Pls call for specific Focus on Foundations class schedules.

Session 1

3:30p – 4:20p

Session 2

4:40 – 5:30

in-person academy schedule

The Well (7th – 12th)

Secondary Schedule

our program is split into 3 tutoring sessions and 2 breaks

Programs Offered: We offer Homework Assistance and Subject Tutoring, during all sessions. See sidebar for details on the Socratic Honors Academy schedule.

Session 1

3:30p – 4:20p
Break & Pick-Up:

Session 2

4:30p – 5:20p
Break & Pick-Up:

Session 3

5:30p – 6:30p

Socratic Honors Academy

Class & Writing Workshop Schedule

Middle School:

Tue/Thu: Class @ 4:30-6:00
Fri (opt): Writing Workshop @ 4:30-6:00

High School:

Lower Classmen Session: Mon @ 5:00-6:30
Upper Classmen Session: Wed @ 5:00-6:30
Socratic Club Meeting: Wed @ 4:30-5:00


Office Hrs (opt): Fri @ 3:30-5:30

Pricing Options

Month-to-Month Contracts

Month-to-month payments offer the most flexibility for families. Whether you have a shifting schedule or just want to try programs out before committing, this is the option for you.

Trimester & Semester Contracts (10% off)

Trimester payments offer a discount for committing to a trimester! Get the benefit of the discount while still keeping some flexibility.

Academic Year Contracts (15% off)

Many of our families know what works best for their kids, and signing up for annual payments lets you save the most every month.


Temporary Cleaning Fees (Cerritos & Elliott ONLY)

The district is charging us massive monthly cleaning fees to reopen at the schools. The fees would prohibit us from being able to reopen so we are in the unfortunate position of having to pass some of this along. Until the cleaning fees are lifted, we will be adding a $45/family fee each month. As soon as the fees are lifted, we will remove this charge immediately. Thank you for your support as we get work to get back on site for you.

Program Pricing

Below are the starting prices for our programs, prices listed are monthly.

Full pricing sheets are linked below.

Focus on Foundations: starts at $98/month

Homework Assistance: starts at $135/month

Subject Tutoring: starts at $185/month

Socratic Honors Academy: starts at $275/month

Let’s Start Learning!

We’re ready to help with homework, support students to catch up, and guide them as they advance.  As you prepare to embark on another year of learning, let Ready Study Go be in your corner.

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