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General Questions


Who are the tutors at RSG?

The RSG Tutors are top students at nearby universities studying to become teachers and subject-area experts. The majority of our tutors are working on teaching credentials, while others are studying core content areas such as English, Mathematics, and Science.

Our sites are overseen daily by credentialed teachers, so you know your children are receiving top-quality education using best teaching practices.

We also employ a few truly exceptional high school students from Whitney & Cerritos High as Jr Tutors!

What if I'm not sure what program is best?

We have a lot to offer, so it can be hard to determine what the best approach is for your child. If you aren’t sure what will best meet your child’s needs, please give our office a call at the number above – we’d love to speak with you more and help you find the best fit for your child.

There isn't an RSG site at my child's school, can they still attend?

Absolutely! Students from other schools are welcome to attend our elementary programs. Families are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the program location. 

How do I get RSG at my child's school?

We get this question a lot! An RSG site is an active partnership between us and the principal at the elementary school where your child attends and many factors influence if a principal feels it best to bring us on-site. We are always happy to speak with your principal and discuss the options for bringing RSG on-site. Parents play a key role in bringing afterschool programs to their children’s schools, reach out to our director Karyn Keene if you want to discuss this more!