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Weekend Workshops

These Workshops build executive functioning skills!


This summer RSG is excited to be offering three online weekend workshops! 

We’ve teamed up with professionals from around the world (seriously, our cooking teacher is from Vienna!) to bring the best of cooking, poetry, and art to your children. In these 2-hr workshops, students will….

…learn the exciting science behind cooking with a professional chef from Vienna with Chelsea Frischknecht 

…learn to understand and express themselves in poems with a poet from San Diego with Adam Greenfield

…learn to see the world in color and shape and use your vision to create art with our very own Allison Oh

Best of all, each workshop is also structured to give students practice in key executive functioning skills such as organization, planning, goal setting and more. These are vital skills for every student to develop for success in the classroom, and they get to practice in a fun and creative setting! 

Our Workshops

STEM in the Kitchen

Have you ever wondered why a raw egg becomes solid when cooked? Did you know that understanding how that happens can help you cook super delicious eggs? 

Making great food is about more than following a recipe – it’s about understanding what’s happening to our food while we cook, how our taste buds work, and how to be strategic with our time and goals. 

In this hands-on workshop we’ll make a great breakfast while talking about food science and all the “whys” of what we are cooking: why pancakes fluff up when they’re cooked, why cheese melts but eggs solidify, why we like the taste of sweet and salty things together, and more. Best of all? You’ll get to eat pancakes and omelettes by the end.

Executive Functioning Skills: mise-en-place is the cooking art of preparation, we practice planning and organizing skills by thinking ahead about our recipes, making a plan, and preparing everything we need in advance. 

July 10, 9a-11a (PST)


Poetry is Everywhere

Poetry is all around you – it’s in the shows you watch, the music you listen to, and even in the art you drive past.

Poetry can be a deeply powerful form of expression, like Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem. It can also be silly and fun, like Shel Silverstein’s works.

But how exactly does poetry work? And what even makes a poem a poem?

In this interactive workshop, we’ll learn about the unique elements that make up poetry like rhyme, imagery and stanzas! From there, we’ll learn about the different types of poems you can write and how to take your creative ideas and feelings and put them into verse. At the end, you’ll have your own poems!

Executive Functioning Skills: poetry follows the writing process of brainstorming, planning, and executing. We practice planning and reflection to see how to adjust our plan if it didn’t quite work for us.

July 17, 10a-12p (PST)


Seeing Through Art

“Once you know how to see, you can truly create.”

Have you ever wondered where artists get their ideas? Or maybe you’re brimming with creativity, but not sure how to make what’s in your head show up on paper.  Great artists don’t just have great techniques, they have a completely different way of looking at the shapes and colors in the world around them. 

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to look at the world like an artist and see how shape and color make up everything around us. Then, instead of all copying the same drawing, you’ll create unique and expressive art in your own style based on the way you see. At the end, you’ll walk away with a new way of seeing and a great work of art!

Executive Functioning Skills: in this class, students will choose their own projects and so practice goal-setting and planning to go from idea to finished project with the help of an instructor to show them the way!

Aug 7, 1p-3p (PST)


What to Expect

  • Each workshop will run for 2 hrs on a Saturday
  • Welcome email with Zoom link & any needed suppplies sent 1-week before the workshop
  • Students will need access to a device with Zoom and Internet access
  • Students will end the workshop with a finished project: a meal, apoem or a drawing.
  • Parents are welcome to supervise their children, but not required to do so
    • Cooking Workshop Exception: Students must be supervised or have parent approval to use the stove independently
  • Online Instruction: at this time all our workshops are offered online, when it is safe to do so we’ll begin offering in-person workshops as well

Why focus on Executive Function skills?

Executive Functioning skills are vital to our ability to be successful in a given task. These skills include the ability to focus and ignore distractions, set a goal and plan how to reach it, follow a plan, and stay organized and efficient with your time. 

Often considered “soft skills” these are rarely taught in a formal school setting but are foundational to success in the classroom and beyond.

For example, suppose your child needs to improve their math grade by doing better on their tests. To succeed – they’ll need to set a concrete goal (improve by 10%), make a study plan, organize the resources and study tools they’ll need, and then follow through on their plan, making adjustments as needed. These are all executive function skills. 

Now it’s no fun to learn these when you’re stressed about a math test, but imagine if you could practice these vital skills while having fun cooking, or writing a poem, or making art!

Then – when it’s time to improve that math grade, those executive skills are ready and waiting. 

What are the Executive Functioning Skills?

Executive functioning skills help us decide what to do and successfully do them. They include:

  • Initiation/Activation
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Attention & Focus
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Working Memory
  • Effort
  • Emotional Regulation

The article above is a great overview with a focus on how to support students with executive function disorders (ADHD, etc). However, all students will benefit from improving executive functioning skills! 

Meet Your Instructors

Chelsea F.

Adam G.

Allison O.

Meet Chelsea

your cooking instructor

Chelsea is a professional chef and cooking teacher with a passion for the science of food and flavor. Half French and half American, Chelsea draws on her French heritage and Southern California upbringing to create recipes that are fresh, appealing, and full of flavor. Her teaching philosophy hinges on the belief that understanding the “why” behind cooking empowers people to become more playful cooks, ultimately getting to the point where recipes are a source of inspiration rather than a set of rules. Her classes blend together food science, technical cooking skills, and easy but delicious recipes to help you become more confident and creative in your cooking.

Meet Adam

your poetry instructor

Adam is a published poet and host of a monthly poetry reading, Viral Poetry Series. His book, Regarding the Monkey, was published through Puna Press in 2015. Growing up in a military family, Adam’s various living locations, from Japan to Iowa, have provided him with firsthand experience of just how much of a worldwide influence poetry has had in our lives, sometimes without even noticing. In his class, you’ll learn some of the basics of poetry and poetic structure, see how poets and non-poets alike employ them, then use them to create poetry of your own.

Meet Allison

your art instructor

Allison is an illustrator and teacher who believes absolutely everyone can be an artist. Even the most complicated ideas can be broken down to simpler, easy to achieve steps. Her class will walk you through the process starting with putting pencil to paper, identifying the simple shapes in complex objects, creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface, and how all of these things work together as you bring your idea to life.

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