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In our Friday STEM club, students learn about science through experiments and hands-on projects! From building circuits to solar-powered racecars, students learn major concepts of physical science in a fun and exciting way.

Instead of using textbooks & lectures to teach, students are given a problem to solve (“how fast can a racecar using solar energy go”) and materials to build and experiment. Along the way, they practice reading by researching relevant topics to answer their questions. Students use lab books to track their results and make new predictions – adding in writing and math too!

This program is the best choice if your child is passionate about science or thrives in hands-on learning environments.

Key Benefits

Grades K-6

Student learn while doing real-life projects & experiments

Hands-on learning gets kids out of their seats and actively engaged

Covers elementary Physical Science topics

Teaches reading, writing, and math as students research, hypothesize, and track the results of their experiements

“Project-Based Learning creates motivated learners”

Our STEM Club program is built using the project-based learned method. What is project-based learning? It’s much more than just doing “projects”!

In Project Based Learning, students learn by spending extended time responding to a challenge or problem through self-driven (while still guided) investigation, experimentation, and trial-and-error. Students engaged in project-based learning develop a deeper understanding of concepts and grow in their independence as learners, thinkers, and makers.

Learn more about Project-Based Learning here.

Is STEM Club the right choice?

STEM Club is the best choice for students who passionate about science or who thrive in hands-on learning environments (shout out to all the kinesthetic learners!).

This program is also a great choice for students who are unmotivated about learning – as the ability to build real things and solve real problems captures their imagination and resparks curiosity.

Let’s Start Learning!

We’re ready to help with homework, support students to catch up, and guide them as they advance.  As you prepare to embark on another year of learning, let Ready Study Go be in your corner.

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