Reopening Plans

Returning to In-Person Learning

As COVID-19 levels fluxuate, parents and educators are often left in a haze of unanswered questions. While we cannot control the pandemic and state/local ordinances (tho don’t we all wish we could!), we have done the next best thing.

Ready Study Go has rolled out a 3 Phase Reopening plan that allows us to quickly adapt to shifting regulations all while ensuring students have the best, uninterrupted educational support.

Keep reading to learn about our Phase A, B & C plans!

Of Note: Regardless of Phase status, our Online Academy will always be fully operational for any families who prefer to join us for online tutoring!


Current Phase: Phase A

(open on-site at local schools)

Phase A (current phase)

Open on-site at local schools

This is our end goal and where we will ultimately be! The principals at our school sites are eager to have us return, so as soon as the district has approved this we will return to operating on-site.

Requirements for this phase: District approval for afterschool programs to return 


Phase B

Alternate in-person location

We will have a K-12 site running at a nearby location, all in-person programs will be offered following careful COVID precautions (see below).

Transportation: for families in need of transportation assistance we will be facilitating a Carpool Buddy system where a family with transportation can provide transportation for a family without.

Phase C

All programs offered online

In the event that state or local mandates require us to return to online-only, our Online Academy will temporarily host all our in-person students until we can return to Phase B or Phase A.

RSG’s Covid Protocols

Ready Study Go takes student safety very seriously, and we will be following the below precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Guidelines come from the California Department of Public Health’s K-12 Guidelines.

Click here to learn more. 

Protocols for COVID prevention: 

  • Masking: staff & students are strongly encouraged to wear a mask
  • Vaccinations: all RSG staff working in person are required to be fully vaccinated
  • Limited Access: only enrolled students & staff are allowed on-site during program hours, no visitors will be allowed at this time
  • Frequent Disinfecting: Surfaces will be disinfected before and after tutoring and between sessions if students change locations
  • Hand Sanitizing: students and staff will disinfect hands upon entry, after breaks, and before leaving
  • Self-Reporting: any staff or students reporting any symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home or asked not to attend until 24 hrs after symptoms subside


Protocols for COVID exposure: 
  • Positive for COVID: any individual who has COVID will be required to stay home from RSG for 5 days AND at least 24hrs after fevers/symptoms have resolved. Staff are required and students requested to wear a mask for 10 days. 
  • Exposure Protocols: these are the protocols that will be followed for individuals exposed to COVID:
      • Parents will be alerted of the exposure if at RSG, parents must alert RSG of exposure elsewhere
      • Asymptomatic Individuals: will not need to quarantine, but staff will be required and students are requested to wear a mask for 10 days after the exposure
      • Symptomatic Individuals: will be asked to stay home until they can provide a negative COVID test to prove symptoms are due to another cause (allergies, etc)

Let’s Start Learning!

We’re ready to help with homework, support students to catch up, and guide them as they advance.  As you prepare to embark on another year of learning, let Ready Study Go be in your corner.

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